Wheel of Fortune Yes or No – Explanation of Tarot Card, Love, career and Finance


wheel-of-fortune-yes-or-noThe Wheel of Fortune yes or no card gives an absolute meaning of rapid movement or change. If someone is dealing with harsh times of his/her lifetime then this wheel of fortune tarot card means that everything will be better very soon and these hardships are temporary.

This yes or no wheel of fortune card also reminds about Karma so you need to be very careful about what you are thinking about others. There could be some negative situations too in your life in the upcoming future but you have to deal with it as it will be temporary and the only way to deal with this sudden twist is to accept the situation and wait for opportunities.


There is a possibility that any changes might occur even if you are currently in a relationship. It may be a clue or sign for you that something more positive is about to happen in your life but it also indicates some mature decisions that you will need to make in the future about the relationship.

If you are already in a relationship then it indicates that all the harsh realities of today may form a bridge between you and new beginnings.

Career and Finance

The wheel of fortune yes or no is collectively a good sign for those who have been dealing with some monetary problems. It indicates that your problems related to finances will end soon and prosperity will come for sure, however; you will need to wait a bit more for that particular time to arrive.

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The Wheel of Fortune Yes or No Reversed Card

If the wheel of fortune tarot is reversed then it might indicate that all the situations in your life will be changing soon in a positive aspect, particularly for the long-term. However, for some groups of people, these changes might be harsh or hard to accept but in reality, these small changes will bring positivity.

The reversed card in the tarot wheel of fortune always reminds that bad luck or all the negative things that will come under your way will resolve and you will have no control over it. So it will be better for you to wait for the right time when these negative things will turn into positive ones.

Yes or No Spin Wheel


The reversed card of wheel of fortune yes or no generator means that despite all the hard times both partners should wait for a better time to arrive without any rush. It also indicates that all the romantic feelings of the past will be repeated soon if both partners work together.

For singles, the reversed card in the wheel of fortune tells that you should learn from your old mistakes that cause failure in your past relationships and be prepared for new beginnings.

Career and Finance

The wheel of fortune reversed card means that you will be forced to work in a bad workplace where you won’t get enough money or facilities to entertain your needs.

However; it’s also a good time for a person to make some tough decisions and risk the investments for a better chance.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Wheel of Fortune represent in Tarot?

The tarot wheel is the sign of change. People consider it as an indicator of chance and fate. When you do a tarot reading, and this tarot wheel appears, so fasten your belt because significant changes are coming in your life.

If the wheel of fortune yes or no is upright means, you are going in the right direction and will have a lot of help from your surroundings.


What does the Wheel of Fortune mean in love?

An upright position of fortune tarot indicates a positive and better change in your relationship. Your love bond with your partner is going to be more durable, and a new phase in your relationship is going to start.

The wheel of fortune tarot can also bring a problematic phase in your relationship.  If the situation is shaking in your relationship and you feel that a lot of things that need to improve. So upright of tarot wheel indicate it’s time to move on onto better things in life.


What does the upside-down Wheel of Fortune mean?

The upside-down position of a tarot wheel represents that life is going to change for something good.


How does a person see you on Wheel of Fortune?

A person sees you as charming, fated and lucky on the wheel. You have reasonable control over your life, and you are aware of the ups and downs of your life.




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