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The idea of yes or no wheel has become very popular from the past few years in which you can make any decision quickly with the help of a yes or no spinner. A random wheel can make your routine life decisions with fun.

An interesting thing about this excel or wheel decider is that it is a fun activity and that is why some people also call it a Ferris or oracle wheel in which you have two possible answers. This deciding wheel is very easy to use, all you have to do is click yes no and that’s it.


This is an easy decision maker wheel in which you can select your favorite color schemes and images so that the decision-making process becomes interesting as well.

If the children are free at home then you can ask them to make a yes or no spinner with different colors. They can add their favorite questions and can use this yes no generator at any get-together or birthday party. So, it is a great way to add creativity to your life. Moreover, you can ask them to search for this yes or no random question or answer generator for more fun and creative ideas.

Let’s Have Fun with Yes or No Generator

Roulette-wheelThe roulette wheel online is a similar decision-maker in which the numbers are printed in red and black, one is even and the other is odd. This entire scheme of numbers helps you to guess any number.

If you have some questions in your mind which are confusing to you and you want the answer to all those questions this yes no generator that will give you a prompt answer.

You can play this activity with your children as well and make them a part of this game to get the answer to your question. Some people prefer to go for the customized wheel in which they can add various choices and games.

Apart from this yes or no randomizer, you can find a spinner as well which further clarifies your choices. So everyone can use this yes no spin to unblock the answers of daily life questions. Click here to read about the upside-down position of the fortune wheel.

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What I Should Do? Let this Random Wheel Decide Help You

What I should do right now or should I do it, is a common question everyone asks himself or herself before taking any step or when there is nothing to do at home. Sometimes you think of doing something, but you can’t decide what you should do. This yes or no wheel will change your free time into fun mania.

Having Fun with Friends and Colleagues

When you are sitting with your friends, colleagues, or family members and you are having a dispute about where to go or what to eat or what movie you should watch.  Try this spinner wheel and decide in seconds with some laugh and excitement with your loved ones and coworkers.

Simple Solution

Sometimes you put yourself in a serious matter, and you don’t know what to do. You can’t share your problem with others, or you are not feeling good enough to take advice from your friends or family members. Although we advise you to consult some relevant person in serious matters. If there is no way to share with others, you have to roll this yes no generator and think about solutions to your problem in your mind. You can use the yes or no app or just search in google yes or no, it will take you to the yes or no chooser.


This yes no spinner is a dynamic fun generator. You can use this yes or not tool for exciting games like truth or dare, celebrity, and Catch Phrase. When making the team, everyone is trying to choose their best partner, you can use this random yes no stimulator and decide who will be your teammate. Similarly, in some party or event, this random yes or no generator can enhance the audience’s experience and keep their attention.

Choosing Your Team

When you want to give some tasks to your team, and you want a random decision, so that no one feels favoritism. You just have to put your tasks on this yes or no decider and spin the wheel.

Know Your Fate

This decision wheel can also act as a tarot or fortune wheel, to let you know about your fate. You can write about some of your gut feelings on this and roll this decider wheel to see what is hidden for you in the future. You can understand your excitement level when you are reading about it.

Teaching with Fun

As a teacher, you can use this yes or no wheel as some random question from students or start any activity in the class. You can reduce the stress level in students by this custom wheel. To gain attention or increase the excitement level of students, write some vocabulary, questions, or any topic on the yes or no spin wheel. Students will be attentive because the topics shuffle, and they can learn more while playing this game. For assigning homework or any task, this yes no wheel will help you to pick randomly.

Enjoy while Staying at Home with Yes No Decider

While sitting at home during the pandemic, you can choose to listen to some of your favorite songs by just spinning the choice wheel. You can decide which book you should read or what you can cook.  If you didn’t meet your girlfriend or boyfriend for a long time, this yes no generator will help you know that is she or he still loves you or not.  You don’t have to be confused between yes no, go ahead, and press yes or no button.

Things to do at Home during Quarantine with Yes or No Spin Wheel

We know that isn’t easy to stay home, especially when you don’t have any chance to go out. You will be missing to have fun with your friends. If you are a traveler then staying home during quarantine is extremely difficult for you. We bring some fun activities for you while you are staying at home. You can use the yes or no wheel to decide or pick any of these activities to enjoy your time at home.

Try Some New Recipe

If you never cook in your life or there are some unique dishes, you wanted to cook, but because of your busy routine, you couldn’t try it. Now while staying at home, you can search on the internet about your favorite dishes that you always wanted to cook. You can try recipes from different cultures or regions.

What i Cook today

You can use this decision maker wheel in picking new dishes from the internet. Make a list of some special recipes of different cultures and write them down on a custom spin wheel to choose one meal for today.

Try our yes or no wheel and choose one dish from the list of Top Recipies to try in 2021. You can search for these dishes on the internet and try them at home with your family.

Recipe NameRegion
Colcannon PotatoIreland
Sparkling Peach BellinisItaly
Rosemary Lamb ShanksNew Zealand
Beef & Onion PiroshkiRussia
Thai Chicken ThingsThailand
Chinese Scallion PancakesChina
Slow-Cooker Chickpea TagineMorocco
Chicken or Mutton BiryaniPakistan

Start Gardening

Make a list of vegetables, flowers, and plants for an indoor or outdoor garden. That’s how you can invest your time in something perfect for you and your family. You can grow some indoor plants which are really good for air cleaning.

After you create, a list of indoor plants or flowers, just spin the custom yes or no wheel and decide what you have to do first. We are providing you with a list of indoor plants that are best for air cleaning and breathing.

  • Passionflower
  • ‘Nana’ Juniper
  • Monterey Cypress
  • Pregnant Onion
  • Prayer Plant
  • Salad Burnet
  • ZZ Plant
  • Lady Palm
  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily

Read Some Books

Reading books is my personal favorite while staying at home. It would be a good investment of time if you were not able to read books because of your office routine or tight business schedules. After reading any book, you can discuss the ideas with your family.

Read a Book Today

It would be great that after reading the book you can talk with your friends on call and share your thoughts. In this way, you can increase the interest in reading books with your family or friends. We recommend you some books to read during the quarantine. If you cannot choose then, use this yes or no wheel and decide which book you have to read first.

Book Name Author

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Wtach Your Favorite Movie-yes-or-no-wheel

You can watch your favorite movie during quarantine or while you stay at home, and you don’t know what to do. Yes or no wheel can change this activity into a fun activity if you cannot decide which movie you should watch. Then yes or no random generator can help you to decide. Write the names of your favorite movies on the name generator wheel and spin this yes or no machine. You can ask your family members about their favorite movies and choose from them.

We provide a list of top-rated movies if you are unable to decide. You can also go to the International Movie Database (IMDB) website if you want to watch movies from different genres or your favorite actors.

The Shawshank Redemption1994Drama9.2
The Godfather1972 Crime | Drama9.1
The Godfather: Part II1974 Crime | Drama9.0
The Dark Knight 2008Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller9.0
12 Angry Men1957 Crime | Drama8.9
Schindler's List1993Biography | Drama | History8.9
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003Adventure | Drama | Fantasy8.9
Pulp Fiction1994Crime | Drama8.8
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly1966Western8.8
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring2001Adventure | Drama | Fantasy8.8


Accuracy of Yes or No Wheel

An app supported to your mobile is available at play store and app store. You can spin the wheel with yes or no button and then the wheel decides the answer for you.

Yes and no wheel can remove your confusion and help you to decide what you really want to do.

Some people think that this wheel creator is absolutely accurate. But to their surprise, it is an entirely random way to get the answer. It is only a matter of chance that you get a yes or no whenever you spin the wheel. But let me tell you this yes or no picker helps me decide quite often.

It is advised that you must not get the answers to critical questions by using this choice wheel. Because it generates the answer randomly without any intellect. So it is better to use this lucky wheel to get the answers to your routine questions such as should I go for a walk or should I complete my homework right now etc.

You should not trust this decision roll for your critical and serious matters because this spinner generates random answers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How random is Yes No wheel spinner? 

Wheel spinner yea or no is entirely random. The accuracy of this decision wheel is no confirmed.

What is the probability on Yes and No?

Statistics show that the probability of Yes and No is 50% and 49%, respectively.

Do you have a Yes No picker app?

No, we don’t have a yes or no generator app, but this website is 100% optimized for mobile devices.